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Pop Culture Shock Toys Carrying 11 Street Fighter V Figures

Pop Culture Shock Toys is preparing a line of 1:3 to 1:6 scale figures of select members of the Street Fighter V cast.Here are the details for all 11 of Pop Culture Shock Toys’ Street Fighter V statues. read more

Street Fighter V to tackle rage quitting this month

Hopeless rubes flouncing away from a Street Fighter V fight in annoyance may be relegated to the past later this month, as Capcom suggest they have a solution on the way.A recent tweet states: “We’re planning to roll out a system this month that will address the rage quitting issue in #SFV. read more

Hot Ryu Can Be Yours for Only $900

You know him, you love him, Hot Ryu.And now, for a mere $900, you can own a 1:3 scale version of the hunkiest version of Ryu around. read more

Street Fighter V Mod Hits The Light Switch On All Stages

Street Fighter V might not have weather effects or time of day changes during battles, but this is something modders can fix quickly.Moddah played around with lighting and gave all the daytime stages a darker, nighttime look. read more

Street Fighter V Mod Lets You Play As The Version Of Alex From 3rd Strike

With the release of Street Fighter V, some fans weren’t entirely pleased with the makeover Alex got with his return appearance.Fortunately for them, however, a modder named PFunk has already created a version of the character that more closely resembles his look from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. read more

Street Fighter V’s April Update Adds Guile And A Rage Quit System

One of the original eight World Warriors is coming to Street Fighter V, and he’s bringing a number of requested features with him.His V-Skill, Sonic Blade, is a stationary projectile that works on its own or helps increase Sonic Boom’s durability. read more

Capcom Says They'll Start Locking Out Rage Quitters in Street Fighter V

Oh, and Guile will be April’s DLC character.The latest update on Capcom Unity details the first steps that the publisher will be using to punish rage-quitters: We’re also happy to announce that we will be implementing a system to punish players who frequently disconnect during matches (aka rage quitters). read more

Capcom Shows Off Guile’s Street Fighter V Moves

A trailer highlighting Guile’s moves in Street Fighter V has been released by Capcom.People can see him using his Faultless Move ability at the 24 second point, the Sonic Blade V-Skill shows up at 25 seconds, and he goes into the Solid Puncher V-Trigger at the 30 second mark. read more