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Superman is getting another new costume in DC’s Rebirth event

Unlike a John Cena/ Rock match that has been advertised as being only once in a lifetime, the Superman of the New 52 universe is going to die.With the New 52 Superman knock-knocking on heaven’s door, the Superman we all grew to love will be taking over. read more

Get your free PS4 Batman v Superman Dynamic Theme -

A free Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dynamic theme is now available to download on PS4.The 26. read more

Batman v Superman has made over $420 million worldwide -

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has opened to a giant $420.The film opened to $166. read more

Rumor: Update On Batman vs Superman R Rated Theatrical Release

considers releasing the R rated cut into cinemas.Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez heard back from his sources this week that Warner Bros. read more

Here’s your first look at Kenan Kong, the new Chinese Super-Man

And one of them happens to be a young fella from Shanghai and the star of The New Super-Man, Kenan Kong.“One of my first tasks as the New Super-Man writer was to give our lead guy a secret identity, a Chinese civilian name,” New Super-Man writer Gene Luen Yang wrote on the DC blog. read more

I'm No Superman

Your browser does not support the video tag.Your browser does not support the video tag. read more

What is DC Comics Rebirth? Everything You Need to Know

The New 52 was DC's attempt at streamlining its complex continuity, which for some characters had stretched back for decades.Last year, during the corporate move from New York to Los Angeles, DC Comics ran the Convergence event, which brought back the DC Multiverse. read more

Rumor: Batman vs Superman Causing WB To Be Nervous Over Justice League Movie

The divisive reception of the film has reportedly caused Warner Bros to feel a little nervous about the Justice League movie.Death, Warner Bros. read more

Batman vs Superman Sold Really Well On Blu-ray

The extended scenes helped the Blu-ray sell really well when it came out last week.As reported by Variety, Batman vs Superman easily shot up to the top of the DVD/Blu-ray charts despite being one of the most polarizing movies released in 2016. read more