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Upcoming Star Trek TV show reportedly set before The Next Generation

With renewed interest in Star Trek on the big screen, CBS is rebooting TV Trek as well.The show is set to premiere in early 2017, and word is that it will be set before Star Trek: The Next Generation. read more

The ghost of Aereo rises: Local TV streaming coming to Sling TV, sources say

Not two years after Aereo’s business model was shot down by the Supreme Court, another, slightly different attempt at pushing local TV onto the Internet for streaming could be coming from a partnership between Dish Network’s SlingTV and EchoStar’s Sling Media.On Friday, from a source indicating that Sling Media would be pushing out what is essentially a set-top box that would help Sling TV subscribers watch local TV from the Sling TV app. read more

Dragon Ball Super Episode 39 Had A Surge In TV Ratings In Japan

The fight between Hit and Goku proved to be a success for Toei Animation as episode 39 of Dragon Ball Super saw a jump in TV ratings compared to episode 38.Facebook user, Gojiitaaf, shared that the rating for Dragon Ball Super episode 39 and it scored a 7. read more

Comcast now lets some customers watch TV sans classic set-top box

As Mark Hess, a Comcast vice president, wrote in a blog post: The Xfinity TV Partner App can be easily implemented by any company whose consumer electronics device supports HTML5 and other compatibility requirements.We have already developed award-winning app experiences on iOS and Android devices, and today we also announced a partner app agreement with Roku. read more

Microsoft Has Released A New Xbox One Update For Preview Members This Week

Here is the new feature: “Movies & TV Purchasing and renting movies and TV shows is now enabled in the new Xbox Store, and playback of movies and TV shows is enabled in the new Movies & TV app.You can purchase or rent movies and TV shows in the Xbox Store (or the Windows Store or on MicrosoftStore. read more

Switch Version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Plays Better in Handheld Mode

In a surprising and somewhat discouraging development, there seems to be a trade-off when playing the Nintendo Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on your TV as opposed to the console’s handheld mode.While you will get a better-looking version of the game, as it runs in 900p resolution in TV mode as opposed to 720p in handheld mode, users are noticing a slight dip in performance as the Switch struggles to maintain a 30 frames-per-second frame rate. read more

Xbox Scorpio: Phil Spencer Wants TVs to Support VRR and Freesync

Not only will it allow for 4K resolution and HDR visuals, it will also support Freesync and variable framerates (VRR).These types of technologies sync up the graphics card and monitor or TV so that every frame produced is displayed at the proper refresh rate. read more