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The Best Suicide Squad Adaptation Already Exists

Freeze: Subzero, a spin-off featuring Batman’s Best Buddy Superman, titled what else, Superman: The Animated Series, a spinoff of B:TAS set in the future entitled Batman Beyond, and eventually, Justice League & Justice League Unlimited.And perhaps one of my favorites, in the first season of JLU, they did a Suicide Squad episode. read more

The 13 Most Intriguing Moments in Game of Thrones' Latest Trailer

Here are the thirteen moments that stand out the most to us, and what they reveal about the new season.But why, unless Davos has a plan that might see the dead Jon Snow become the very not dead Jon Snow in the near future? read more

Where's Arya? Catch Up on Game of Thrones in Three Minutes With Our Video Recap

It’s been just one year since season five of Game of Thrones, but it feels like forever.And there are so many fiendish details to recall, before season six begins on April 24. read more

This sneak peek at The CW's 'Containment' is not for the squeamish

A nasty virus is sinking its teeth into Atlanta in The CW's Containment.But this thing isn't your ordinary flu. read more

HBO's 'Confirmation' tries to tell the whole truth, but doesn't dig deep enough

“This is about love and hate, and cheating, and disgust, and avarice," Simpson continues, with relish.The story of Thomas' confirmation hearings is a fascinating one, rife with the sort of thorny, timeless themes and issues audiences can't help but find irresistible — race, gender, sex, power, corruption. read more

MTV boss on how the network's going back to its music roots

*So that doesn't mean we're bringing music videos back, but if you think about what music means as an inspiration at the core of a brand like MTV, music has never been more culturally relevant, it's always part of pop culture and so is MTV.Tell me about what that balance is going to look like going forward because prior to this, you were leaning heavily into scripted. read more

Pearl Mackie Is The Doctor's New Companion

We’ve known for a little while that The Doctor’s next companion has been cast.Now, the BBC has officially revealed who it is: Pearl Mackie. read more