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The New Ghostbusters Are Getting The Funko Pop Treatment

In pursuit of their plans for utter world domination, Funko has revealed their next acquisition in their Pop!Vinyl line: the new Ghostbusters. read more

Age of Empires II Buildings, In LEGO Form

Here are some nice LEGO versions of essential medieval buildings from Age of Empires II by a group of LEGO enthusiasts.An Archery Range by Mark of Falworth and Barracks by Andrew JN above, and a few more below. read more

The Village Is The Biggest Official LEGO Minecraft Set Yet

Coming June 1, the LEGO Minecraft Village is a $199 box containing 1,600 pieces used to create something an 11-year-old could create on their computer in an hour.It’s the sort of box LEGO reps who tell me to feel free to ask for anything I’d like to review for Toy Time say “Oh, not that one” about. read more

Star Wars' Giant Medical Frigate, In LEGO Form

It’s a 980 feet long ship, so the LEGO model had to be a giant one as well, with everything carefully revised to get the proportions and details as accurate as possible.Here’s the frigate (via Eurobricks Forums) from different angles and with a mini Falcon. read more

Mario & Luigi Drop In On Sonic Drive-In's Kid's Meal

The Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam promotion will run from Tuesday, April 19 through Thursday, June 30 at Sonic.One toy shaped like Mario races across the room on wheels, while another featuring Paper Mario and Luigi spins around like a top. read more

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Toys Coming To Sonic Drive-In Kids’ Meals

Between April 19 and June 30, 2016, the restaurant will include a toy inspired by the Nintendo 3DS RPG in its Wacky Pack Kids Meals.A video from Power Plaid Plays offers an early look at the five Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam toys that will be available. read more

Mario And Sonic At The Fast Food Drive-In

Not nearly as healthy as Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games but slightly more edible, Nintendo has teamed up with exactly the right American fast food restaurant to distribute Mario & Luigi Paper Jam toys.There are several Sonic Drive-In restaurants near my home. read more

Bring Me The Heads Of Street Fighter II's Defeated Characters

Not the most obvious choice for some collectible statues, these, but then sometimes the best ideas are the ones that take 25 years to come about.These little toys come random-packed, so you don’t know who you’re getting, but when they look this good who cares which one you get. read more

Half-Life's Black Mesa Test Chamber, In LEGO Form

One of the most memorable scenes of Half-Life was right at the beginning, when Gordon Freeman woke up in a severely damaged test chamber, realizing that getting out of the facility will be a bit problematic.LEGO builder Dorian Glacet created a superb diorama, called Resonance Cascade, showing the events that led to this very important moment, using LDD and Mecabricks. read more

The Most Beautiful Version of Monopoly Yet Celebrates Japanese Arts and Crafts

After licensing the classic board game to a company called USAopoly, there’s now a version of Monopoly for almost every fan base you can imagine.But the latest version of the game, which celebrates Japanese arts and crafts traditions, might be one of the most beautiful yet. read more

New Star Wars Black Series Toys Include Unmasked Kylo Ren And Obi-Wan

Hasbro has announced that it is releasing two new Star Wars Black Series toys.One will be an unmasked version of Kylo Ren while the other is the Alec Guinness version of Obi-Wan Kenobi. read more