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Demons, Angels, And Cyber Humans Seek An End To Their Conflict In Eternal Destiny

Card game Eternal Destiny will have players choosing a side in a war between angels, demons, and cyber humans, striving to reach an end to their conflict when the game releases on Steam April 21.500 cards will be available at launch, many of them drawing inspiration from myth, folklore, and the works of Lovecraft. read more

Shrouded In Sanity – An Action Horror Game Set In A Maddening Fog

An unnatural fog wafts out from Berelai Manor, and you, armed with your iaito cane and hand cannon, must fight the unsettled servants within to find the source of the mist in horror action game Shrouded in Sanity.In it, players will make their way through the varied halls of the manor, fighting back against gun, scissor, and knife-wielding servants. read more

Back In 1995’s PS1 Visuals & Mystery Gameplay Releasing April 28

A world both concrete and surreal awaits players in Back in 1995, the horror/mystery game that’s inspired by the visuals and gameplay of early Playstation games, when it releases on Steam on April 28.The main character, in gameplay reminiscent of the first Silent Hill, must explore a city after a catastrophe, discovering what happened there, where his missing daughter has gotten to, and why he is there to begin with. read more

Get Rid Of A Flirtatious Demon In Yuri Visual Novel Starlight Vega

While exploring her grandfather’s house, Aria accidentally unleashes Lyria, a flirty demon, from her stone prison.Forced to stay connected, this makes life difficult for Aria and her budding possible romances in Starlight Vega, a yuri visual novel now available on Steam. read more

Get Unique Bonuses From Video Games In Yandere Simulator

Membership in the Gaming Club will give players various bonuses depending on what games they play in the most recent build of Yandere Simulator.Each game gives a temporary stat bonus that will last for a single day in-game. read more

The Division compensating players with Phoenix Credits for various bugs

These will be handed out to players sometime within the next two weeks.The developer is also compensating Agents with 150 Phoenix Credits if they play this weekend due to the daily missions bug that popped up prior to the release of the 1. read more

Mafia 3 sleeps with the fishes when it releases in October 2016

2K and Hangar 13 have announced Mafia 3 will be launching on October 7, 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.This confirms yesterday’s rumor of the title releasing some time in October 2016. read more

Axiom Verge’s Surreal Caverns & Glitching Enemies Are Now Portable

Axiom Verge, one man’s effort to make his own Metroid-style game, has released on PS Vita, letting players take Trace’s strange journey anywhere they go.This version is cross-buy compatible with the PS4 version. read more

Your Dark Memories Are Buried Deep Within FMV Game The Bunker

You’re the last remaining survivor in a nuclear fallout bunker 30 years after the bombs have dropped.When an alarm starts to go off, it’s a catalyst to a journey into forgotten sections of the shelter, finding out the past that’s buried deep within it in FMV game The Bunker. read more

Love You To Bits’ Various Puzzles & Animated Style Need Greenlight Votes

Love You to Bits, a puzzle-solving adventure game previously released on iOS, is in need of Greenlight votes for a PC release.It will also be releasing on Android when it comes out this year. read more

Purify Polluted Waters With Beauty In KOI

A lone koi fish looks to make its way home along the polluted waters of KOI, bringing beauty and peace to the denizens and waters on its journey in the new release for PS4.Players will control the fish across eight stages, finding that what was once beautiful and tranquil has turned hostile and dark. read more

Real-World Haunted Places Inform Ghost Theory’s Paranormal Investigations

Each location is treated as an open sandbox open for players to explore.The ghosts within them won’t just be waiting to ambush the player, though, as the player must find some way of getting them to appear. read more

Fear Awaits After School In PC Remake Of Korean Horror Game White Day

A PC version of White Day: a labyrinth named school, the remake of the 2001 Korean horror game White Day, has appeared on Steam Greenlight.White Day : a labyrinth named school, previously announced for Playstation VR and already available for iOS and Android, has players controlling Hui-min, a student who finds himself locked inside of his school at night with some other students. read more

Watch this paddleboarder have a crazy close encounter with a whale

An ordinary weekend paddle-boarding session became unforgettable at Oceanside Pier in California when a curious whale decided to check out the action.The whale is caught on video breaching very close to the paddleboarder, who miraculously manages to maintain his standing position during the mammoth animal’s display. read more

YouTube Channel Owners Complain Over New Restrictions

That exact scenario happened to Mark Brown of “Game Maker’s Toolkit,” who says his videos “don’t contain anything remotely controversial.” To their credit, YouTube pointed out in 2015 – the same year Restricted Mode launched – that their filters aren’t going to always be completely accurate and that the burden of making sure things are properly filtered falls on the YouTube community itself. read more