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Blizzard Removing Alpha Access As Punishment

Both Legion and Overwatch access has been removed for many of those that took part in the "memestorm"!It seems Blizzard have since revoked the access of these players to the Legion Alpha and Overwatch Beta for an undisclosed period of time. read more

Warcraft Movie: Another Poster, Orgrim Statue & Old Duncan Jones Interview - News

In today's round-up of Warcraft news, we have a poster from CinemaCon, a huge statue of Orgrim Doomhammer and a just released on-set interview of Duncan Jones from 2014.This time, Garona and Khadgar join them in this bigger poster: Garona dons the colours of both the Horde and the Alliance, while Khadgar's face is painted in blue. read more

Legion Alpha: Destruction Warlocks Available!

The latest Alpha build has just gone live, which marks the introduction of Destruction Warlocks, a raised level cap and a partially new zone!You can check out the full design notes below from Celestalon: Alpha Design Notes 13/4 We have another alpha build going up today. read more

World of Warcraft: Illidan Is Out!

Learn more about the story of one of the most iconic characters of the Warcraft Universe; World of Wacraft: Illidan by William King was released on April 12.A while back, we had posted a preview of the first 47 pages of World of Warcraft: Illidan. read more

Cataclysm Timewalking Bonus Event (13th - 18th April)

These include: Before you venture out into the dungeons, make sure to grab the weekly quest, A Shattered Path Through Time, which grants a , 1 bonus roll seal and 500 Valor.The next thing to make sure your runs are quick and smooth is gear. read more

Warcraft Movie Panel at PAX East, Prequel Graphic Novel & New Trailer Possibly on April 19 - News

In this article, we'll talk about a panel for Warcraft at PAX East, an upcoming prequel novel and Duncan Jones cryptically teasing something new arriving on April 19.The yearly PAX East gaming festival will take place in Boston on April 22-24, 2016. read more

Blue Posts and Tweets: General Legion Updates #9

Our first blue post is coming out from Celestalon on the Windwalker Monk forums.It looks like more changes are coming for the Monks, despite such drastic changes already happening in the new build. read more

Gold Making: Transmog Farming - The Admiral's Den

Welcome to my transmog farming guide for the Admiral's Den.The mobs you will be farming are called Den Whomper. read more

Legion Release Date Revealed

All we knew about Legion's release is that it was going to happen after the Warcraft movie (i.Starting on August 30, kingdoms will burn, heroes will fall, and the world will stand on the precipice of destruction with the launch of World of Warcraft: Legion! read more

Spoilers on Major Characters in Legion #3

The revelations from the Alpha of Legion continue in this third installment of the Spoilers series.There have been multiple new builds in the Legion Alpha lately and with them, some new spoilers on the lore of Legion have surfaced. read more

Warcraft Movie Official Trailer #2

A new trailer for Warcraft was released today!Duncan Jones, director of Warcraft, had teased that something new is coming on April 19 and indeed it is a brand new trailer! read more

Apexis Crystal Bonus Event (20th - 25th April)

The next event of April has arrived!Wade through a sea of glittering Apexis Crystals and ensure you make the most of the bonus week! read more