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Quantum Break on PC is classically broken

When Quantum Break launched for the Xbox One, gamers were treated to a visually rich title with some gorgeous special effects and interesting abilities.Now we have Quantum Break — a game built on a brand-new Northlight Engine and designed explicitly for the Xbox One and Windows 10. read more

Remedy may not be able to fix all issues with Quantum Break

Last week, we covered how Remedy’s Quantum Break is the latest DirectX 12 title to run into problems on the PC.Overclock3D ran some benchmarks on the game comparing the GTX 960 against the R9 380 as well as the GTX 980 Ti against the AMD Fury X. read more

Sony’s PS4K console internally known as Neo, will offer huge performance boost

According to Giant Bomb, the new platform is codenamed Neo, and will offer eight AMD Jaguar CPU cores clocked at 2.This new platform would also incorporate the bandwidth-saving color compression that launched with GCN 1. read more