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Taiwan Celebrates 10 Years of

Popular machinima video team AFK [email protected] recently wrapped up their series of music videos called “Songs of Azeroth” which celebrates 10 years of World of Warcraft in Taiwan.They were fortunate enough to collaborate with famous movie score artist Shih Wen Wang and his studio M who worked on creating the background music for these pieces. read more

Minecraft Sells 10,000 Units Per Day, New Report Says

It’s no surprise that Minecraft continues to be one of the biggest video games on the market today, with millions of people playing it across multiple platforms.However, a new report has just been released that reveals how many units are sold per day of the game on average, and the numbers are pretty impressive. read more

Castlevania dev MercurySteam teases new game reveal for April - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 for Xbox 360 News

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer MercurySteam will be making a "major announcement" in April, the studio has teased.A countdown on the developer's website points towards an announcement at 5pm BST on Friday, April 15, although it isn't yet clear what the game may be. read more

Addictive Flavored Almonds by Nuts About You

In addition to simply being a great snack to munch on, almonds are nutrient dense, have 7.They promote a feeling of satisfying fullness and also have vitamin B-2, which helps to metabolize carbohydrates to provide you with energy. read more