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Mirror's Edge Catalyst free-runs into June as DICE looks to improve online features

Developer will also use the time to address closed beta feedback this week Faith is staging her truimphant return in Mirror's Edge Catalyst, but fans will need to just a litte bit longer as the sequel has been delayed to June 7th for North America and June 9th in Europe.Design director Erik Odeldahl explains in a official blog post today that his team will be making some last minute fixes to the game's "Social Play" online features, as well as possibly address player feedback from the closed beta that starts tomorrow. read more

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide: How To Unlock New Proficiency Abilities

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 provides the various characters in your party with Skill Points at each new level reached by gaining experience points, which can then be used to upgrade stats like HP, Strength, as well as provide new abilities.This differs from say Dragon Quest 8, where Skill Points were allocated into different weapons and you received new abilities and upgrades from that specifically weapon type. read more

Bioware Anthem Will Feature Writing From KOTOR and Mass Effect Author

If there was any question about whether Bioware’s Anthem would be a game less focused on shooting and more focused on shooting and looting, fans of some of Bioware’s best work should rest assured as Drew Karpyshyn has confirmed that he’s on board for the writing of the game.He wrote both scenario and dialogue for Star Wars: KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic). read more