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We need eSports tournaments like Heroes of the Dorm in South Africa

Heroes of the Dorm has wrapped up, and the team from Arizona is walking away with their tuition fees paid.Either, they love sports (or a sport in particular) and will watch and support their team no matter what. read more

Democracy 3: Africa review - Ghana steal your time

Gather round my friends, for I have fixed South Africa.That’s right, with the correct combination of high police enforcement, adult education subsidies, childcare and huge education boost, South Africa became Utopia. read more

‘Gene drive’ breakthrough creates weaponized mosquito extinction strain

The name for this power is called gene drive.First, it forces itself into 99% of a mosquito’s sperm cells, and thus into 99% of its offspring. read more

Democracy 3: Africa is released

This is the latest expansion to Democracy 3,  following Social Engineering and Extremism two years ago.There are some slight differences between the Africa expansion and previously released games. read more

ESL's expansion continues with the Benelux Championship

The Electronic Sports League has long been the front-runner for major eSports tournaments and development throughout the globe.While this championship is somewhat irrelevant to us here in South Africa, it does pose an important question: When will ESL make their way to South Africa? read more