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Alan Wake DLC episodes are free on Xbox

The expansion packs for Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake are now available for free on the Xbox Marketplace.Both are additional episodes building upon the story of Alan Wake. read more

Quantum Break Is The Biggest Selling New Microsoft Studios IP Of This Generation

While Quantum Break may not be getting the universal acclaim that Microsoft Studios was hoping for, it nevertheless is doing very well when it comes to the sales side of things.It was recently revealed that the game topped UK sales charts, though the news gets better from there. read more

Alan Wake's two DLCs are now free on Xbox 360 - Alan Wake for Xbox 360 News

Both DLCs are set after the events of the main game, and introduce two new episodes to conclude the story.The first DLC was originally made free to players who bought a new copy of the original game, with the second costing $6. read more

Remedy has been working on an unannounced game since August - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

As spotted by Gamer Center Online, two Remedy employees claim to currently be working on the new game, with one stating that they started work on the title back in has also found a further employee serving as the executive producer on the new game. read more