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Music Monday (4/4): This Week's New Albums + Videos

BibioA Mineral Love The British producer, known for his pastoral, folk-influenced electronica, returns with his first full-length since 2013's Silver Wilkinson.The FieldThe Follower Swedish minimal techno master Axel Willner returns with his first Field album since 2013's Cupid's Head. read more

Handmade Japanese Wooden Headphones

Furthermore, wood grain is as unique as a fingerprint, making each pair of Konohazuk headphones one of a kind.The first in the planned series of Konohazuk headphones, that offer the highest Japanese quality with a limited impact on the environment. read more

Gunkatana - Lightning-fast Cyberpunk Action

Every level features the speed rails, they're Gunkatana's iconic environmental kill!We've enlisted our friends Electric Cafe, of Aqua Kitty and Rock Boshers fame, to craft Gunkatana's retrowave soundtrack. read more

Music Monday (4/11): This Week's New Albums + Videos

DeftonesGore Gore is the band's first release since 2012’s highly acclaimed Koi No Yokan.It's their first release since the departure of guitarist Gordon Skene following the band's 2013 release Pedestrian Verse. read more

WellbriX is a modular massage system Every•Body•Well

This modular system is one of the ways that WellbriX is unique.What is more is WellbriX massage feels amazing and at a fraction of the cost of deep tissue or sports massage. read more

Music Monday (4/18): This Week's New Albums + Videos

The resulting album is her first since the excellent 2011 release Let England Shake.LushBlind Spot The surviving members of the great British shoegaze/alt-rock band Lush have reunited for the first time since 1996, and have big plans for 2016. read more