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Out of Ammo - DayZ Creator's New Game is a Vive Exclusive Strategy Shooter

Following the massive success of DayZ both as a mod and an early access title, the game’s original creator left Bohemia Interactive to form his own studio, RocketWerkz.This HTC Vive exclusive title will be released into Steam Early Access today, letting players try out the very interesting new take on the strategy and shooter genres. read more

Can the man behind DayZ make the RTS work in VR? -

It also heightens the feeling of playing a 'real' strategy game: you have to reach down and place units and items on the board.Its childlike presentation belies a strangely affecting sense of danger, particularly when faced with three or more enemies. read more

DayZ creator's new VR game is out now for HTC Vive - Out of Ammo for PC News

Dean Hall's RocketWerkz has released its first game on Steam Early Access, Out of Ammo for the HTC Vive.Out of Ammo is described as "an intense virtual reality strategy game. read more