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Mass Effect Andromeda Amusement Park Ride Coming to California

As millions of gamers anxiously await the release of Mass Effect Andromeda, EA and Bioware have partnered with California’s Great America Amusement Park to deliver an authentic experience straight from the game’s universe.There is a short trailer, though all it does is play footage from the games, and announce that the ride will be coming in Spring 2016. read more

Mass Effect Andromeda Devs Tease Enemy Type And Romance Scenes

Not a lot of information has been revealed about Mass Effect Andromeda, but two developers have teased some interesting information about the game that is sure to please some fans.Lead designer on Mass Effect Andromeda, Ian S. read more

Leaked Mass Effect survey suggests we'll be the invading alien race in Andromeda - Mass Effect: Andromeda for PS4 News

A leaked EA marketing survey relating to Mass Effect Andromeda may have shed some light on plot elements for the secretive sci-fi action RPG.The survey opens with some blurb about the game before asking participants to rate how likely they are to buy it. read more

Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay leaks online - Mass Effect: Andromeda for PS4 News

Footage of Mass Effect Andromeda taken from a prototype build dating back to around 2014 has appeared online after being spotted in a developer's showreel.All Games Delta grabbed the important bits and posted it to DailyMotion. read more

Mass Effect Andromeda Goes Further Than Ever Before

The Mass Effect series was one of the biggest and most well respected franchises of the last generation of consoles, even with the backlash for the ending.With that trilogy wrapped up the next generation is here with Mass Effect Andromeda and it looks to go further than ever before. read more

New Mass Effect: Andromeda Cinematic Trailer Teased for Tomorrow

Apparently that will be changing tomorrow though, with something Mass Effect: Andromeda related coming from Bioware.Tomorrow, you’ll get your next look at Mass Effect: Andromeda. read more

New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailers Reveal Story Details

As we march closer to the impending release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, EA and Bioware have released more details on the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster in a pair of trailers.The first one shows off a little more of the game’s story. read more

A Single Planet In Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Bigger Than Dragon Age: Inquisition

It’s only natural that video games (particularly RPGs) will get bigger and bigger as time goes on, and that has certainly been the case with BioWare’s games.He says “Oh, it’s bigger than any of the three [games in the original trilogy]. read more