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The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Octopus

Earlier this week, Inky, a famous and beloved octopus, escaped from his home at the National Aquarium in New Zealand.In a flash, his body folded in on itself, a grotesque fright of rust-colored skin, as he was whisked down the 164-foot-long pipe, arms twisting about, and pitched into the salty chasm. read more

Mountain lion roams onto high school campus and students are flipping out

As a mountain lion was roaming the campus of a California high school, the students were telling the whole story on Twitter.Kennedy High School in Granada Hills, California. read more

Watch this paddleboarder have a crazy close encounter with a whale

An ordinary weekend paddle-boarding session became unforgettable at Oceanside Pier in California when a curious whale decided to check out the action.The whale is caught on video breaching very close to the paddleboarder, who miraculously manages to maintain his standing position during the mammoth animal’s display. read more

NieR: Automata Guide: How To Ride Animals

This guide will show you how to ride animals that will help you do just that.You will also need to buy the Satchet, which costs 1000 G and will stop the animals from attacking you or running away. read more