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Dark Souls 3 Guide: The Road of Sacrifices Area Guide -

The road starts off as an actual road and then becomes a kind of formless forest area, but it all comes under the road umbrella, nonetheless.This is the first bonfire for the new area, right out of the gate as you leave the Undead Settlement. read more

Hyper Japan Festival 2016 tickets go on sale from 5pm today -

The summer event will take place between July 15-17 at Kensington Olympia London's Olympia Grand.Friday tickets are £15 for access from 12-8pm, while Saturday's morning session is £15, afternoon is £17 and the full day is £23. read more

My Neighbour Totoro singer confirmed for Hyper Japan performance -

Two music acts have been confirmed for Hyper Japan this summer, including Azumi Inoue, the singer behind the themes for several of Studio Ghibli's most famous films such as My Neighbour Totoro, Laputa, Castle in the Sky and Kiki’s Delivery Service.Also confirmed for the Hyper Japan stage is Charisma. read more

Dark Souls 3 Guide: Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Area Guide -

As you leave this area you'll find yourself overlooking a shallow lake, and the bridge you crossed to enter Irithyll is over your head.You'll see some gates at the bottom of them which you can push open. read more

Sony Reveals How Much Space You'll Need To Use PlayStation VR

We’re getting closer and closer to Sony’s dive into the world of virtual reality with PlayStation VR, and now they have released some information regarding what kind of space setup you’ll need in order to actually utilize the device.As there are individual difference in viewing 3D graphics and feeling of wearing VR headset, please try PS VR at shops or trial events before purchase. read more

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 - 0.2 Guide: How To Escape The Mirrors In The World Within

Once you enter the World Within, you will notice a number of mirrors around you, eight to be exact.This next area has a few enemies that you can choose to fight or just head down the nearby hill. read more

Yooka-Laylee Guide: What Are The Secret Achievements/Trophies?

There are plenty of achievements/trophies for finding items like the Pagies and Quills in the game, but there are also five secret achievements/trophies in the game, three of which you may never discover.Two of these secret achievements/trophies are pretty simple and it’s likely you’ll come across them during the game. read more