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Minecraft as American Political Commentary

Made by PlanetMinecraft’s Jossieboy, the map, titled “No Future,” is his way to deliver commentary on today’s political climate.It is my way of delivering some critique to the current political situation in the U. read more

Old Japan Meets Disney

John Ramirez loves Japan.He’s also a Disney storyboard artist. read more

BioShock Looks Far More Crisp in Unreal Engine 4

5, so it’s no wonder the Unreal Engine 4 project it inspired looks so sharp.The map, a remake of BioShock’s Medical Pavilion in UE4, is a piece of university coursework made by UK-based environment artist Ross Littlejohn. read more

Happy 10th Birthday, Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006

It was like nothing any of us had ever seen before.Inspired by the frantic energy of retro video games, the clip’s style was. read more

Nintendo Characters Football Players

A pretty great concept.SyBro imagined an American football game with Super Mario characters and made some 3D renders for it. read more

’s First-Ever Art Badges Are Here!

Want to add Pogo’s all-new Art Badges to your collection?Head to Badge Central now! read more

Build Entheon with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

Surrender to Love in the Family Room with Alex Grey's original paintings Kissing, Copulating, Pregnancy, Birth, Nursing and Holy Family.Take a journey through the relics of Alex and Allyson's provocative performance art rituals that led to the creation of Entheon. read more

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game (or DFCO) is a game where the players work together to solve cases from the bestselling Dresden Files novels in the ultimate what-if scenario!Like any good cooperative game, it's hard to win (no fun if there's no challenge! read more

Art of Tom Bancroft, Vol. 1 book

Hello, I'm Tom Bancroft.This Kickstarter project is so I can print my "Art of Tom Bancroft, Vol. read more

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine DLC Box Art Revealed

Just like Hearts of Stone, Blood and Wine will also get a retail release, and the folks at CD Projekt RED have revealed it on Twitter.The reveal came right after the box art was leaked by an online store, though it's possible the marketing department at the Polish studio is planning to ramp up the marketing for this elusive but supposedly sizable expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. read more

The Game of Thrones Opening Credits Recreated with Paper

Just time in for the upcoming season 6 premiere, here’s Moleskin doing a stop-motion version of the opening credits with paper cutouts.According to DesignBoom, this took 7,600 paper cutouts to complete. read more

Blizzard Characters Make Awesome 2D Sprites

Very cool pixel-art versions of characters from various Blizzard games, that are also in Heroes of the Storm, by Daniel “Abysswolf” Oliver.That’s a 2D Nova, Thrall and Sylvanas above. read more

Adventures in Bad Anime Perspective

But sometimes, it’s not.Via Nijipoi, GirlsChannel and OneCall, let’s have a look at when those backgrounds and viewpoints come up short. read more

Dark Horse Set To Publish A Dishonored 2 Art Book

Their next offering is an art book full of great pictures from Dishonored 2.Amazon listed the book earlier this week and it’s called “The Art of Dishonored 2”. read more

Final Fantasy 15 Official US Box Art Revealed

We’re only a couple of months away from the (very) long-awaited release of Final Fantasy 15, with the game’s launch finally being in sight.The nearness of the release date (and the likelihood that it will NOT be delayed again) is assured by the game’s final US box art being released, which you can check out at the bottom of this post. read more

'Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag' Gets A Western Release

Next comes Leafa demonstrating her remarkable combat skills using a One-Handed Sword.Making an appearance in the second season of Sword Art Online, Sinon targets her foes with a single gun. read more