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Ossic 3D Audio Headset Is Poised To Revolutionize Gaming, Music, And Film

There have been significant technical innovations in sound over the past five years, with gaming headsets becoming more affordable and therefore widely used.With head tracking and 3D audio, players need only tilt their head to get a better listen in a new direction. read more

Ossic 3D Audio Headset Is Poised To Change How We Hear Gaming, Music, And Film

Most use two drivers (speakers), producing stereo or simulated surround-sound audio using Dolby IIx or DTS algorithms.This brief experience was, by far, one of the best senses of presence I’ve had, because of the audio. read more

Tyranny Previews and Audio Interview

A fistful of new news regarding Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming CRPG Tyranny has made its way to the web this weekend, starting with an article on PCGamesN that shares information on the game while also quoting game director Brian Heins: Next, we move to a standard GDC-based preview on HardcoreGamer: Before concluding with an audio interview with game director Brian Heins on AM 640 (via SoundCloud). read more

Here's Your First Amazon Echo Discount of the Year

In spite of all the snark when it first launched, the Amazon Echo is actually really great (and only getting better over time), and Amazon’s discounting it today for the first time since Black Friday.In addition to being a pretty solid Bluetooth speaker, the Echo can check the weather, turn on your lights, read you the news, trigger custom IFTTT recipes, and even order food. read more

Razer Leviathan Mini review - Incontheivable!

The oxymoronic Leviathan Mini.Looking for all the world like a miniaturised version of that sound bar, the Leviathan Mini packs a serious punch. read more

Block Transfers, Buffers, and Audio

When working with streams such as file or audio processing, you usually run into the same problem: How to copy the most data without knowing how large the stream of data is.I solved a similar problem at work and in my audio synthesizer. read more

Persona 5's Free Japanese Audio Track DLC Is Nearly 3GB

While it wasn’t originally set to be included, Atlus eventually decided that they would be adding in the Japanese audio as free DLC for those interested.We now have more details about the DLC, particularly its big download size. read more