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Grand Theft Auto Online gets a new game type and vehicle

After every score the action immediately resets, keeping the pace of play frenetic.The new vehicle is the "Vapid Minivan Custom," a grocery-getter suitable for carrying your boys to firearms practice, or popping open the side door and unloading on anyone who gets too close. read more

Dark Souls III - Covenant guide

There’s more to Dark Souls III than just being mercilessly swatted in the face by an annoyed giant who reduces your health bar to zero within two sings of an axe.There’s also Covenants, a feature within the game that enhances the online side of Dark Souls III with added extras and challenges. read more

Grand Theft Auto 5 Headlines PlayStation Store's GTA Franchise Sale

This makes it no surprise that the series would be a perfect fit for the final week of the PlayStation Store’s franchise sale and that is exactly where the focus is this week.As revealed by the official PlayStation blog, the Grand Theft Auto franchise sale pretty much has everything you would imagine from the series that has released across the PS4, PS3, and even the PSP. read more