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BMW uses low-cost VR (HTC Vive) to visualize high-end cars

An $800 virtual reality headset is expensive for consumers and gamers.It will pair the HTC Vive headset (virtual reality) with developmental styling bucks (physical reality) to speed through early design phases. read more

Toyota turns to ‘guardian angel’ self-driving cars

But as-needed assistive driving has more promise for the near future because of the challenge of switching quickly from fully autonomous to driver-back-in-control.There Toyota announced the guardian-angel project, reiterated its long-term commitment to fully autonomous driving, and said Toyota will use three R&D facilities in the US, including a new facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. read more

Tesla Model S refresh: faster charging, more range, LED headlamps, no more grille

Running changes to the Tesla Model S this year fall under the heading constant improvement.Steerable LED headlamps become standard and the onboard charger capacity is hiked from 40 amps to 48 amps. read more

Do tech features help or hinder car and truck resale values?

So does it help or hurt the resale value of your vehicle when you sell or trade in?Two vehicles on the list will retain more than 60% of their value after five years: the Toyota Tacoma midsize pickup (66. read more

Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler launches US mobility service called Moovel

Add Daimler to the companies offering mobility services in the United States.The parent company of Mercedes-Benz created a US subsidiary through the acquisition and merger of RideScout, a route-planning service, and GlobeSherpa, a mobile ticketing service. read more

Your next car’s backup camera could detect moving and stationary hazards

Your next car’s backup camera could automatically warn you of hazards: children or pets behind the car, other vehicles, even walls or dumpsters you might not see, especially in the dark.The technology is called reverse pedestrian detection. read more

Did Nissan out Mitsubishi on overstated fuel economy ratings?

Now it’s Mitsubishi in hot water over manipulating test data in cars.It affects 625,000 kei cars, or minicars, built by Mitsubishi and sold mostly in Japan by Mitsubishi and Nissan. read more