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PS4.5 will feature a new GPU, CPU and have no exclusive games

The PS New will apparently feature the same 500GB HDD as the PS4 (which is the one part of the console that probably no one would be sour over upgrading), but feature a brand new CPU, GPU and additional RAM.The new GPU will offer around half a gigabyte more video memory to PS4 developers, which makes a big difference to massive open-world titles that need to keep loads of textures and models loaded in at a time. read more

New Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Trailer Shows Off Code Veronica Map

The Resident Evil series will be getting a spin-off multiplayer game next month that is called Umbrella Corps, which has been getting mixed reactions from fans.A new trailer has just been released for the game, however, which shows off the Antarctic Base map. read more

Experiencing the Apocalypse with Judgement: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

I got a chance to sit down with Tomer Barkan, the developer behind the new colony simulator set in the Apocalypse.You can understand a lot about a game's goal and direction if you discover its source of inspiration. read more