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MLB 9 Innings Manager Impressions (iOS)

While we are waiting for the next big release (MLB 17: The Show), here are a few mobile sports games that might make the time go more quickly.Unfortunately, even with the revised content, this game doesn’t set itself apart from the majority of other free-to-play sports games in the App Store. read more

More MLB The Show 17 Details Revealed - Gameplay, Graphics, Diamond Dynasty & More

Game Informer has just posted their , including Diamond Dynasty, smarter A.I. read more

MLB The Show 17 Diamond Dynasty Video & More Details on the Modes

At its core, Diamond Dynasty is all about building the best 25-man team possible.What if Ichiro�s rookie year was in 1997, and Ken Griffey Jr and Ichiro were united? read more

Player Faces Have Greatly Improved in MLB The Show 17 (Polygon)

It's all about the lighting on the faces, how light affects the skin tone and how light affects the skin tone when it's being shadowed by a ballcap," Russell said."The lighting we had last year wasn't perfect, and we were basically dimming everything and giving you too much energy from nowhere, for a guy with a ballcap on. read more

MLB The Show 17 Screenshots - Masahiro Tanaka & Felix Hernandez

Check out the latest MLB The Show 17 player comparison screenshots.A big thanks to Ramone and Sony for sending them to us. read more

At This Point, Are You Planning on Buying MLB The Show 17?

is slowly revealing its secrets -- and thus far we've learned quite a bit about this year's game.You can check out the to learn more about what this year's game is bringing to the table if you are not caught up. read more