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Uncharted 4 Behind The Scenes video series gets second part - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for PS4 News

Part two of five in the Uncharted 4 Behind The Scenes video series is now available to watch, this time focusing on "Growing up with Drake"."Go behind-the-scenes as the team reflects on what it’s been like growing in age in parallel with the characters and how that’s shaped the mindset and key themes of Uncharted 4," says the blurb. read more

Persona 5 Guide: How To Take Cover And Hide

Making your way through the palaces of Persona 5 will bring you into contact with many of the game’s enemies, which are called shadows.The game’s palaces will have several cover points for you to hide behind, which you can do to stay out of the sight of an enemy. read more