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Death Stranding Is Entirely Kojima's Game; Del Toro "Just A Puppet In His Hands"

Everything surrounding Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is riddled with confusion, as the game’s initial reveal was baffling and that feeling has only intensified in the months since then.While originally only showing Norman Reedus, the following previews eventually revealed that Guillermo Del Toro was also in the game. read more

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List Adds Daytona USA and Two More

Ever since Microsoft first released Xbox One Backwards Compatibility as a standard feature for the console they have been quite good at adding new games to the service.What began as a small selection of old Xbox 360 games has grown to well over 300 titles, with more being added in chunks all the time. read more

Nintendo Prefers Super Mario Run's Payment Model To Fire Emblem Heroes'

While this was a model that was controversial to many along with need to always be connected to the internet in order to play it, it appears that it’s a model that Nintendo prefers.” It’s definitely an interesting statement for the company to make, especially when considering that they have said plainly that Super Mario Run did not meet their sales expectations. read more