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Like reading behind-the-scenes stories about what it’s like to make games?

Good news: I’m writing a book full of them!The book, which will be published by HarperCollins in the fall of 2017, will be a compilation of stories not unlike the Destiny piece we ran in October. read more

Where's Arya? Catch Up on Game of Thrones in Three Minutes With Our Video Recap

It’s been just one year since season five of Game of Thrones, but it feels like forever.And there are so many fiendish details to recall, before season six begins on April 24. read more

Alt+F1: 76 - Chinese GP Prerace 2016

The first race of the season is in the books, and it did NOT disappoint!We get answers to all our pressing questions, such as how to watch F1 in the U. read more

One of the “most important” shipwreck treasures ever discovered

It wasn't exactly what divers searching for sunken ships expected to find.Preserved beneath a layer of sand since the 17th century, the dress was probably for everyday wear and was of a style frequently seen in paintings from the late Renaissance. read more

Art of Tom Bancroft, Vol. 1 book

Hello, I'm Tom Bancroft.This Kickstarter project is so I can print my "Art of Tom Bancroft, Vol. read more

Rethinking Video Game Novels With Boss Fight Books

We talked with Durham to find out how Boss Fight Books touches on the personal side of gaming, stays on people’s radar, and what the future of the small press looks like.I feel like some video game books come off as too clinical. read more