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Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!

(commonly referred to as just Brain Age), which is known as Dr.Many studies have been done on the effectiveness of Brain Age, with conflicting results. read more

You Can Trick Your Brain Into Not Procrastinating

Greek poets and Roman scholars warned citizens to not “put your work off till tomorrow and the day after.Because the prefrontal cortex works at a slower pace than the limbic system, you’ll end up procrastinating until it eventually overrides the instinctual urge to avoid doing your task. read more

Your brain’s reaction to celeb pics may create the most secure form of ID

While your brain on drugs may be analogous to a fried egg, your brain on Instagram may be like a super-secure form of identification, researchers report in a new study.Others have tried to use brain activity for biometrics before, Laszlo said. read more