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Bravely Second: End Layer Nintendo 3DS Review-In-Progress: Welcome Back, Warriors

] If you played Bravely Default through completion, then you've probably been champing at the bit for Bravely Second: End Layer since 2013.The reverse holds true, too: If Bravely Default didn't carry you away, you'll find nothing appealing about Bravely Second. read more

Bravely Second: End Layer

The name 'Bravely Second' was trademarked as early as September 2013.The title takes its name from a gameplay mechanic within the sequel, similar to the way Bravely Default took it's name from the in-game mechanics of braving and defaulting. read more

Bravely Second Guide: When To Use Bravely Second And How To Get The Required SP

While Bravely Second’s title has more than one meaning, one of those meanings is a move that you can pull off in battle.However, you can’t use this move whenever you want, as it requires SP. read more