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Bravely Second Catmancer Skills and Mastery List

Check this guide out for all of the Catmancer skills in Bravely Second!The Catmancer Job in Bravely Second replaced the Vampire from Bravely Default. read more

Bravely Second Guide: Blue Chest Locations and Contents

This guide has all of the blue chest locations for Bravely Second and what is in them!As you go through chapters 1-4 in Bravely Second, you might have noticed there are blue chests that you can't open in some of the dungeons. read more

Bravely Second Summon Locations and Summoner Job Guide

Check this guide for all the summon locations in Bravely Second and tips on using the Job!The Summoner Job in Bravely Second uses power summons to deal massive magic damage on all enemies. read more

Bravely Second Patissier Job Guide

Become a master pastry chef in Bravely Second with this guide!They can use items on everyone and cause their confections to target all enemies at once. read more

Bravely Second Astrologian Job Guide

No need to look to the stars for Astrologian help in Bravely Second, just this guide!They also cover a wide array of support magic, go beyond the stat limit, and even makes them last longer! read more