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Quantum Break PC Pre-Order Codes Being Sent Out In Waves Now

While there was some confusion initially regarding when people who pre-order Quantum Break on Xbox One would be getting their promised free PC version of the game, the wait is finally coming to an end.The official Quantum Break Twitter has revealed that the “first wave” of Windows 10 codes for the game are being sent out, with more information on how to redeem it being available by clicking right here. read more

GAME is offering Quantum Break pre-orders a Kameo code instead of American Nightmare - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

Update: Amazon has also confirmed that it will be replacing the previously announced American Nightmare pre-order bonus with Kameo.Original report: GAME has run into an issue with the Quantum Break pre-order promotion which planned to reward customers with a digital download of Alan Wake American Nightmare. read more

Quantum Break is "officially" the best-selling new MS Studios published IP this generation - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

"The level of excitement we have seen from our fans around the world for Quantum Break has been humbling," added Greenberg.Creating a new AAA franchise is always a risk and a huge investment, but at Remedy we want to push ourselves, explore new ideas and realize new visions. read more

Quantum Break is Microsoft's biggest-selling new IP on Xbox One - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

Remedy's third-person shooter launched on Xbox One and PC last Tuesday, April 5, landing at the top of the UK All-Formats Charts.But despite its success, only 139 units separated it from No. read more

Remedy is working to fix issues with Quantum Break on Windows 10 and Xbox One - Quantum Break for PC News

Remedy has addressed a number of issues currently affecting players of Quantum Break on Windows 10, and to a lesser extend Xbox One, telling fans that it is working to resolve the problems."We are aware that some players are facing issues with the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break and some extent on Xbox One. read more

Quantum Break was delayed to help stagger Xbox One releases, says Remedy - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

Speaking to MCV, Lake explained that the delay actually "came from Microsoft's end.Remedy was "more than happy" to take the additional time, though, Lake says, which it used to apply an even "higher level of polish". read more

Quantum Break 'should' be available on Windows 10 PC at 2pm UK - Remedy - Quantum Break for PC News

The PC version of Quantum Break "should be" available to purchase and download from the Windows 10 Store at 6am PST (2pm BST), Remedy has confirmed.The game officially released on Xbox One at midnight. read more

Quantum Break's cinematic launch trailer is haunting - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

With the launch of Quantum Break now only weeks away, Microsoft and Remedy have released the game's cinematic launch trailer.The action in the trailer is set to an original rendition of Nirvana's iconic 'Come as You Are' performed by electronic rock duo Prep School. read more

UK Video Game Chart: Quantum Break beats DiRT Rally to No.1 - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

Remedy's Microsoft-published Quantum Break for Xbox One is the UK's new No.Codemasters should be pleased with the launch of DiRT Rally, though, which outdoes launch sales of Dirt Showdown by 197 per cent, and is only bettered by DiRT 2 and DiRT 3. read more

Quantum Break is 720p? Xbox boss encourages fans to try it before making any 'pre-judgements' - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has encouraged fans to try Quantum Break before making any "pre-judgements" about the game's alleged resolution.At the time of the report being posted, Digital Foundry stated that it had yet to receive a response from Remedy regarding the game's resolution, nor has Microsoft or the developer seemingly commented on it since. read more

Remedy has been working on an unannounced game since August - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

As spotted by Gamer Center Online, two Remedy employees claim to currently be working on the new game, with one stating that they started work on the title back in has also found a further employee serving as the executive producer on the new game. read more

Tales Of Berseria Guide: How To Perform Break Soul

One major feature of this combat is the Break Soul system, which allows the player to exceed the upper limit of performable artes per combo.You’ll notice in combat that you have something called a soul gauge, which allows you to have up to five souls. read more

Quantum Break Developer Working On New Game For PlayStation 4

While most of us surely don’t care about how much revenues they’ve made or year over year growth, tucked away inside this investor information was a glimpse at what the future holds for the developer of titles like Alan Wake, Max Pain, and more recently, Quantum Break.Apparently Remedy has a new game in the works that they’re codenaming “P7. read more