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Batman: The Killing Joke will have an R-rating

We’re somewhat excited about the legendary Batman graphic novel The Killing Joke getting an animated adaptation.But The Killing Joke is a different story however. read more

Pokemon Live-Action is Happening, as Studios Fight for the Rights

With Pokemon's twentieth anniversary happening this year, the Pokemon Company is ready to move on a live-action adaptation of its best-selling property.The two main bidders are Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment, though Sony Pictures has also expressed interest. read more

Rumor: Update On Batman vs Superman R Rated Theatrical Release

considers releasing the R rated cut into cinemas.Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez heard back from his sources this week that Warner Bros. read more

Rumor: Batman vs Superman Causing WB To Be Nervous Over Justice League Movie

The divisive reception of the film has reportedly caused Warner Bros to feel a little nervous about the Justice League movie.Death, Warner Bros. read more