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Why Gandhi is a jerk in Civilization

When it comes to Civ games, Gandhi's behavior can be a bit questionable.This isn't just in Civilization 5, but every Civilization game out there. read more

Dark Souls III PC crash bug fixed by wearing a full helmet

Dark Souls III is now available to play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.It turns out there’s a lighting bug in the PC version of the game which manages to cause a crash. read more

Bed bugs are growing thicker skins to mbat insecticides ()

Scientists at Australia's University of Sidney found the thicker a bed bug's cuticle, the more resistant it was to pyrethroid insecticides.The team first took members of the Parramatta field strain of bed bugs, known to have high pyrethroid resistance, and exposed individuals to an insecticide. read more

Disastrous New Division Exploit Lets Players Do Unlimited Damage

The Division has already been having a rough week, and things just keep getting rougher: A newly found exploit lets players temporarily boost their gun’s damage output to game-breaking levels.The exploit requires you to have a specific talent on your gun—the “Competent” talent, which briefly boosts DPS after triggering any ability. read more