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US government still pursuing court order to unlock iPhone in New York case

The Justice Department told a federal judge Friday that it would continue to pursue a court order to unlock a seized  iPhone at the center of a New York drug probe.The move comes weeks after the government withdrew a similar request in an unrelated terror investigation in the Southern California county of San Bernardino. read more

Sherlock Holmes is Back on the Case!

One of the most well-known fictional detectives, Sherlock Holmes, made his first appearance way back in 1887.Holmes’ keen powers of observation, reasoning, and deduction helped to pave the way for advances in real-life detective work within Scotland Yard, so it makes sense that he continues to be beloved by audiences! read more

2014 Under 30 Summit | Conferences

After having success with some early initiatives (and learning some really valuable lessons!As Jean would be quick to tell you, a good investment is a good investment -- even if the way you measure a return changes somewhat as you move across sectors. read more