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Watch Drake perform 'One Dance' for the first time at Rihanna's show

It's always a treat when Drake shows up to spill all his emotions.He showed up at RiRi's Anti Tour in his hometown of Toronto to soak in the greatest view of the evening: Rihanna. read more

Justin Timberlake on Prince: 'He’s somewhere within every song I’ve ever written'

Justin Timberlake remembers the first time he ever heard Prince.He was a 4-year-old in Tennessee; the song was "Raspberry Beret. read more

Prince's fans mourn the death of a pop culture icon

It's challenging to know what to do when a cultural icon you love dies — and sometimes the best place to find solace is Twitter.After learning of Prince's death early this afternoon, fans expressed their grief and confusion all over the web. read more

Justin Bieber is mad someone called Prince 'the last of the greatest living performers'

Justin Bieber is making a lot of people very angry after commenting on musician Andrew Watt's Instagram paying tribute to Prince.While it's true that dismissing an entire generation of musicians isn't the most positive way to pay tribute to Prince, now is not the time to argue, Bieber. read more

9 quotes that prove Prince's infinite wisdom will stay with us forever

Prince has died, which doesn't seem possible to the fans who saw him as an otherworldly being.He may have only lived on Earth for 57 years, but his philosophy seemed to stretch thousands of years into the future. read more