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2014 CIO Summit | Conferences

His diverse leadership experience spans across enterprise software, Internet, retail, and consumer technology.He currently advises early stage companies, and serves on the board and a​s​ an independent director of Chipotle Mexican Grill. read more

Peter Moore Leaves EA to Become Liverpool FC's Chief Executive Officer

According to a post on LFC’s official website, Peter Moore will move to Liverpool and join the club this summer season.According to a message by EA CEO Andrew Wilson, Moore has always dreamed to become CEO of his “beloved” team, so this whole transition is akin to a dream come true for Moore. read more

Halo 6 Will Have Master Chief as its Main Focus

343 Industries Studio Head and the Halo Franchise Director have confessed their regret over he narrative choice of Halo 5: Guardians, saying that it was a mistake to divide the point of view among many characters instead of having Master Chief as the main focus of the game.However, they say to have heard the fanbase, and that the mistake will be fixed in time for the next main Halo entry. read more