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Elderly Woman Mistakenly Prays to League of Legends Character

As pointed out on Sina (via ShanghaiIst) and IT Home, an elderly woman was making incense offerings and kneeling before League of Legends character Garen.These images appeared on Chinese social networking site Weibo and were taken outside of a internet cafe, explaining the giant Garen statue. read more

Report: Live-Action Pokémon Movie Rights Spark Bidding War

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Pokémon Company has been meeting with Hollywood studios to launch a big-screen, live-action version of Pocket Monsters.Sources tells The Hollywood Reporter that Legendary Entertainment could come out on top, beating out Warner Bros. read more

Medium is the latest website to be blocked in China

Even though other blog services like Google’s Blogspot got whacked by China’s Great Firewall many years ago, Medium had gone uncensored until now.A network ping test on Medium’s homepage within mainland China confirms that the site cannot be reached. read more

Watch Six Bulldozers Battle Each Other on the Streets of China in the Craziest Fight Ever

In northern China, multiple bulldozers apparently got so mad at each other that they started one of the craziest demolition derbies I’ve ever seen on a public road.There are normal cars on the street driving around trying to avoid the ridiculousness that is giant bulldozers trying to ram the hell out of each other! read more