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Pulp heroes that are a ready for a comeback

Before comic book movies and television shows, before comic books themselves, before the concept of superheroes even existed, there were the pulps.Cheaply printed magazines featuring lurid, sensational stories, oftentimes headlined by amazing, fantastical heroes — the ancestors of modern superheroes. read more

Age of Conan Update Adds Pit Master's Arena, Game Director Letter

In addition to sending us a press release today revealing how Age of Conan players can now "fight for glory against each other or summon their pets for epic monster battles in The Pit Master's Arena", Funcom's official website for the MMORPG has been updated with a letter penned by game director "Tilty" on what this new feature brings to the game.The letter goes into much greater detail on the new content, so I'll quote from that: read more