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A 3D-Printed Xbox One Controller, Made Of Wood

I did not know you could 3D print with wood.Now I do, and given my fetish for the stuff when it comes to video games, I am very interested in mods like this. read more

Nintendo's NX and 6 other terrible prototype controllers -

Is this the NX controller, and if so how can we be go about being the most outraged about it?This is the question that has been burning away in some of the most enlightened minds in video games ever since last night's 'leak'. read more

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller FCC Approval Should Mean Pre-Orders Are Coming Soon

While the system itself comes with the two JoyCon controllers, an alternate option is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.Oddly though, no pre-orders for the Pro Controller have popped up in the US, but it likely is coming very soon. read more