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A 3D-Printed Xbox One Controller, Made Of Wood

I did not know you could 3D print with wood.Now I do, and given my fetish for the stuff when it comes to video games, I am very interested in mods like this. read more

Nintendo's NX and 6 other terrible prototype controllers -

Is this the NX controller, and if so how can we be go about being the most outraged about it?This is the question that has been burning away in some of the most enlightened minds in video games ever since last night's 'leak'. read more

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller FCC Approval Should Mean Pre-Orders Are Coming Soon

While the system itself comes with the two JoyCon controllers, an alternate option is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.Oddly though, no pre-orders for the Pro Controller have popped up in the US, but it likely is coming very soon. read more

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Natively Supports PC

You can file this under “pleasant surprises,” as one redditor who got his hands on a Nintendo Switch early has learned that the console’s Pro Controller, which gives gamers a more traditional-feeling control scheme, can easily connect to a PC via Bluetooth.The Wii U’s Pro Controller needed a special program to connect it, while the Wii’s remote controller was found to work via Bluetooth as well. read more

DIYer Finds Fix For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Issue

It seems most of the reviewers given Nintendo Switch consoles before launch noticed a problem with the gaming console’s signature controllers, the Joy-Cons, and specifically the left one.Some of that may sound extreme, but one YouTube video maker went beyond that and actually opened up his Joy-Con to find the issue himself. read more

Xbox One Controllers Just Got a Big 'Tech' Upgrade

The Xbox One controller has went through a few iterations over the last several years.Now we’re seeing another revision with the newly announced Xbox One Controller – Recon Tech Series. read more

Obduction Update Adds Vive and Oculus Motion Controller Support

If you’re a fan of the puzzle game genre, then you likely have been following the progress of Obduction ever since it hit Kickstarter.Now the full promise of the game is coming to fruition with a new update adding in motion controller support for Vive and Oculus Rift. read more

Special Dragon Quest Slime-Shaped Controller Announced for PS4

Japan proves to be once again the land of the most singular peripherals released, with a PlayStation 4 controller designed with the form of a Slime monster from the Dragon Quest series.The “Dragon Quest Slime Controller for PlayStation 4” is logically around the same size of a regular DS4, with the difference that its round shape affects the way players hold it in their hands. read more