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Mountain lion roams onto high school campus and students are flipping out

As a mountain lion was roaming the campus of a California high school, the students were telling the whole story on Twitter.Kennedy High School in Granada Hills, California. read more

Beautifully honest illustrations perfectly depict the private lives of women

Arkansas-based artist Sally Nixon's illustrations perfectly depict the lives of women when they are away from the prying eyes of society (or at least just around their best friends).My own daily routine became a great source of inspiration," Nixon told Mashable in an email. read more

Teen at Trump rally successfully trolls newspaper with NSFW name

The Baltimore Sun is looking into a story in which reporter Ian Duncan included a quote from what was most likely a trolling teen.In a story about yet another protest at a Donald Trump rally — this time in Maryland — Duncan included a quote from a 19-year-old supposedly named Jack Mehoff. read more