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FFD: What gaming mascots need a Ratchet and Clank styled makeover?

More than that though, it shows just how to bring a classic and beloved series back to life.“This new, reimagined Ratchet and Clank is the superb return of the esteemed series. read more

Saints Row 5 at E3? Deep Silver planning 'major announcement' for this year's show - Saints Row 4: Re-Elected/Gat out of Hell for PS4 News

Speaking to MCV, Kundratitz revealed that the company has "a lot of games in the pipeline and are very much looking forward to E3, where we are not going to be absent and where we will make our next major announcement.Well, it currently owns the rights to multiple major properties, including Homefront and Dead Island, but has not yet revealed plans for the future of Saints Row, the open world franchise developed by Volition. read more

On the hunt for dead drops, an offline and anonymous file-sharing network

That's part of the premise of dead drops, a media arts project started by Germany's Aram Bartholl in 2010.While dead drops appear to focus on information sharing, it's not the first GPS-based discovery system of its kind. read more

At the Tribeca Film Festival, VR gives storytellers a new, immersive medium

The future of virtual reality beyond immersive gaming and 360-degree movie-watching is mysterious to say the least.At this year's Tribeca Film Festival, we're getting a taste of what devices like the Oculus Rift and Samsung's Gear VR could allow all kinds of creatives to do and the types of experiences we could have using this new medium. read more