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Amazon Offering Far Cry Primal For $35 Today Only

Amazon is offering this year’s Far Cry Primal at a very nice discounted price, so if you haven’t bought the game yet then now is your chance to while saving some money.The deal is part of Amazon’s regular Gold Box deals, which discounts products heavily for one day. read more

Far Cry Primal Update Patch 1.03 Notes Available To Read

Ubisoft has released update patch 1.03 for all versions of Far Cry Primal today. read more

Far Cry Primal's second title update adds option to remove the HUD - Far Cry Primal for PS4 News

Far Cry Primal's second title update is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, introducing a range of game fixes, performance improvements and the option to completely remove the HUD, Ubisoft has announced.The ability to remove the HUD should enable budding wildlife photographers to get even better snaps. read more

Homefront: The Revolution Preview for PS4 (30 Mar '16) -

Instead, Homefront: The Revolution, in terms of its mechanics and systems (if not its setting) is as close to being a Far Cry game as it is possible without actually being one.If it was called Far Cry: The Revolution, no-one would question it all that much as it went on its way to selling, oh, five or so billion units. read more

Is Ubisoft Teasing New Far Cry 3 Prequel or Remaster?

Is Ubisoft alluding to a new Far Cry game in the works, which could potentially be a prequel or sequel set in the universe of Far Cry 3?Or, will the remastering trend continue and see Far Cry 3 get a modernized version revealed in the weeks ahead? read more