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Dark Souls 3 Boss Guide: How to Beat the Crystal Sage

To help you avoid this outcome we put together this guide on how to beat the Crystal Sage in Dark Souls 3.The Crystal Sage has the usual two distinct phases. read more

How I became a 90s TV star for 60 minutes inside The Crystal Maze -

Yes, The Crystal Maze, 90s game show staple and stunning example of the kind of weird British TV that's hard to explain to Americans, has returned.Every crystal earned gave the team five seconds in the Crystal Dome, where they had to catch gold tickets that were blown around the dome with fans. read more

Dark Souls 3 Guide: How to Beat the Crystal Sage Boss -

The Crystal Sage is a sage who deals in crystal themed magic.The Sage isn't an optional boss: you need to win this fight to get to the Cathedral of the Deep, and you need to beat the boss there to progress in the game. read more