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Gaming: Team CS:GO Gamers for Giving 2016 L... | Community

Enter Team AMD, a newly founded grassroots competitive CS:GO team composed of AMD employees and AMD Red Team Plus members.The team’s main objective is to carry AMD’s enthusiasm for all things gaming into the community with our competitive gaming spirit and eSports involvement. read more

Players Fire Bullets From Their Faces And Other Weird Counter-Strike Facts

What you are: an awkward flesh mound stapled to a camera, portions of which you have no control over.The always excellent 3kliksphilip has put out a new video in which he explores how player bodies function in Counter-Strike. read more

MLG Columbus CS:GO Major set new records in viewership

If you’re a fan of CS:GO, you were more than likely one of the 1.6 million people who tuned into the MLG Columbus Major two weeks ago. read more

Chinese team Tyloo knocks World Champions Luminosity out of the Dreamhack Masters

For a long time they have dominated the RTS world producing Dota 2 Champions, but now they’ve made their mark on international CS:GO, and the questions is – Can they go all the way?In their elimination match they went up against Team Liquid, arguably the number one North American team. read more

When Counter-Strike Meets Fallout, Everybody Dies

Counter-Strike is a game of hair-trigger reflexes, twine-thin seconds that stretch like eons.Time literally slows down, and you get to pick shots to maximize strategic potential and/or head-exploding-ness. read more

Bravado Gaming bring back BlackpoisoN, replacing Deviant

In 2015 Bravado Gaming said goodbye to arguably one of the more talented CS:GO players in South Africa.Robbie “BlackpoisoN” Da Loca, who attended Dreamhack with Bravado in 2014, decided to make the move to Sweden where he’d hope to continue his CS:GO career abroad, in a country where CS:GO lives and breathes. read more

The Most Popular Words In A Big Counter-Strike Tournament's Twitch Chat

On a rather brilliant whim, dontstalkmepls decided to log every Twitch chat message during the recent DreamHack Masters Malmö Counter-Strike tournament.They then created a word cloud of the top 50 words: Some of them make pretty immediate sense. read more

Designing A Counter-Strike Weapon Skin Isn't Easy

Prolific Counter-Strike cosmetic item designer The Honey Badger just unveiled their latest creation, a piece (both in the artistic and, you know, gun senses) inspired by Greek myth.For those unfamiliar with the process, Counter-Strike players can submit their own designs for cosmetic items (weapon skins, stickers, etc), which other players can then vote on. read more