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HTC on Vive shipments: 'We should have been clearer'

Company representatives have offered some response to complaints of delayed shipments and error-prone payment processing, but now HTC has responded to WIRED on matters ranging from late shipments to payment problems.First, some potentially good news for customers still waiting on their orders, as "all pre-orders confirmed for April will be delivered by the end of April, as per our original commitment," an HTC spokesperson told WIRED. read more

Oculus Rift pre-order customers given free shipping to apologise for delay -

An "unexpected component shortage" has led to delays in the original shipping estimates for some early Oculus Rift customers, Oculus VR has by Tuesday, April 12. read more

Oculus Rift customers handed longer wait due to "component shortages" -

The Oculus Rift launch continues to run into issues with early pre-order customers now receiving notice of potential two month delays to their delivery of the new virtual reality device.Having been told to expect a shipping update today, many customers are now being told "component shortages" have led to a several month delay. read more