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Sen. Al Franken raises concerns over Oculus Rift privacy policy

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota issued an open letter to Oculus yesterday, questioning the company on how and why it collects data from users of its Rift headset.This refers to the privacy policy included on the Oculus website, which details the various types of data collected by Rift users and the channels that have access to this information — such as third party sources. read more

Minnesota senator raises privacy concerns about Oculus users

As the Rift can record the users' views, movement, and actions, it would very easy to gather data from users -- even without their knowledge.In Franken's letter to the state, he said: Senator Al Franken is a consumer advocate. read more

Philippines voter hack: election hack is 'freaking huge' ()

When stored digitally, fingerprint data is typically converted into a unique code relating to the patterns known as minutiae.The Philippines started collecting voter fingerprint data in 2015, with citizens given 17 months to register on the new biometric system. read more

WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 15 April

Get WIRED Awake sent straight to your inbox every weekday morning by 8am.In the lawsuit, Microsoft said that "people do not give up their rights when they move their private information from physical storage to the cloud. read more

Canada is Legalizing Doctor-Assisted Dying. What Goes on the Death Certificate?

On Thursday, Canada revealed new legislation aimed at making assisted dying legal.(Earlier this year, activist John Hofsess wrote about how he’d helped eight people die, including Canadian poet Al Purdy, before travelling to Switzerland for his own assisted death. read more

Battleborn is online-only - Battleborn for PS4 News

In a statement provided to this morning, 2K explained: "Battleborn requires an internet connection to play, whether you're playing singleplayer, co-operatively with friends, or competitively against others. read more

UK intel agencies spy indiscriminately on millions of innocent folks

The documents reveal the details of so-called "Bulk Personal Datasets," or BPDs, which can contain "hundreds to millions of records" on people who are not suspected of any wrongdoing.One document, entitled "SIA Bulk Personal Data Policy," states that "Whilst DPA [the Data Protection Act] refers only to 'a living individual', many bulk personal datasets will contain details about individuals who are dead. read more

Cassini uld provide breakthrough in hunt for Planet Nine ()

Scientists working with data captured by Nasa's Cassini spacecraft have identified a region of the Solar System that they say is most likely to conceal Planet Nine.Payne of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics analysed data recorded by Cassini about its relative position to ground stations on the Earth during its investigation of Saturn. read more

WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 21 April

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UK spies are llecting bulk data on millions of innocent people

The documents show that GCHQ and intelligence agencies have been using powers to collect bulk personal data sets, which contain details on mass groups of people, since 1998.The use of section 94 to collect bulk data sets was only admitted by Home Secretary Theresa May as she announced the IP Bill for the first time. read more

2014 Healthcare Summit | Conferences

How big will the data get?This year we may collect more data about the human body than in all the history of medicine so far. read more May Have Been Hacked; User and Credit Card Data Stolen

According to the report, GameStop.Online sources are saying that they have the customer data, including credit card information, and are offering it up for sale to others. read more