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Amazon Offering Far Cry Primal For $35 Today Only

Amazon is offering this year’s Far Cry Primal at a very nice discounted price, so if you haven’t bought the game yet then now is your chance to while saving some money.The deal is part of Amazon’s regular Gold Box deals, which discounts products heavily for one day. read more

New Humble Bundle Offers $144 Worth Of Telltale Games For $12

If you’ve got some spare cash and have been meaning to catch up on the many different Telltale Games series, then the latest Humble Bundle definitely has a deal you’re going to want to check out.For as little as $1 you can get 6 full Telltale games, which include the likes of Sam & Max, Back to the Future and The Walking Dead. read more

Xbox One Spring Bundle On Microsoft Store Includes 1TB Console & Five Games For $349

The Xbox One released two and a half years ago and has brought us tons of quality games in that time since to make the Xbox One worth purchasing.This is a great deal by itself, but now the Microsoft Store is upping the ante with the best deal out there right now. read more