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March 2016: Funding ran out

The biggest one was saying, "You're a victim of the 'not invented here' syndrome.We went to a VR meetup group here in Seattle put on my "Chronos VR", and gave our first public demo. read more

Brian Fargo, Josh Sawyer and Gordon Walton Chat RPGs

Brian Fargo, Josh Sawyer and Gordon Walton have a lot in common: they all worked on role-playing games in various capacities for a very long time, and they're also all involved in recent crowdfunding projects.That certainly seems to be as good a reason as any to put them together in a room for an interview during GDC, which is exactly what the folks at PC Gamer have done. read more

Report: Apple considering a paid search model for the App Store

On the one hand, this might bring some order to the current App Store discovery process.The Top Charts are habitually stocked with the same big-name apps, which are more likely to stay in the Top Charts because that's how many apps are discovered in the first place. read more

Rumor: Developers Unhappy With The New PS4.5 Neo

While rumors about an upgraded PlayStation 4 have been swirling since GDC, yesterday’s more formal confirmation of the PS4.While public reactions to the news seem to be mixed, apparently “most developers” aren’t excited about it. read more

GameStop Becomes a Publisher with GameTrust

Way back in January, GameStop was revealed as the publisher of Insomniac Games' upcoming Song of the Deep.Today, GameStop announced its new publishing label, GameTrust. read more

Rumor: PlayStation 4K codenamed "NEO," Sony forgot the "seeker"

Whether it's a software update for the PlayStation 4 or something bigger like PlayStation VR, Sony isn't afraid to give it an internal name.When PlayStation 4K rumors started circulating last month, it seemed odd that we instantly started calling it 4K as though it were the final product name. read more

Some Devs Still Know Nothing About The Nintendo NX Console

With the Nintendo NX console on the horizon, you would think some developers would know about it already.However, some developers know nothing official about it like everyone else. read more

Microsoft: Scorpio Designed To "Win Back" Developers

The Internet is abuzz today with the release of the official specs of Microsoft’s next console (which is also not quite a follow-up to the Xbox One), the Scorpio.It’s obvious that Microsoft is hoping to blow away its competition by releasing the most powerful console on the market, but Mike Ybarra, corporate vice president of Xbox and Windows gaming, says there’s another focus: getting more exclusive games. read more