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Skulpt Chisel delivers the hard truth about your muscle and fat levels

Its $99 Skulpt Chisel is a brick-like device that uses "electrical impedance myography" to assess muscle quality and fat percentage all across the body.Design and features go hand-in-hand with the Skulpt Chisel. read more

Review: Misfit’s Ray is a subtle, stylish fitness bracelet

The company's $99 Ray is no different—in fact, it's Misfit's most stylish tracker.With the Ray, Misfit is still sticking to what it knows best: small, subtle trackers that do all the basics. read more

DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adapter For PS4 Listed By Amazon France

Amazon France has listed an interesting product on its website called the “DualShock USB wireless Adapter for PS4”.It appears this product might be revealed soon. read more