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Blizzard Hit By Multiple DDoS Attacks

Players couldn’t log into games like World of Warcraft and Diablo III for several hours last night thanks to a series of DDoS attacks that flooded Blizzard’s servers, the developer said.“These attacks are just flooding our internet tubes: no actual account information, payment information, or character data is at risk,” said Blizzard support agent Glaxigrav on the World of Warcraft forums last night. read more

Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer DLC Impressions

This character has a ton of new abilities based around the concept of life and death.The Necromancer is a character whose health will constantly be in flux, which led to some interesting changes in normal Diablo strategy. read more

Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer - Female Character Revealed with More Details

Blizzard has just unleashed an onslaught of new details about the upcoming Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer DLC.Along with the full reveal of the female Necromancer character, there’s tons of new abilities, some of which are real classics for the series. read more

Diablo 3’s New Necromancer Class is Getting a Closed Beta

Along with some story content and other tidbits, the DLC offers up a brand new class to try out.We got to try this new character out at PAX East, and now people at home will get the same privilege with the recently announced Diablo 3 Necromancer closed beta. read more