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Did Nissan out Mitsubishi on overstated fuel economy ratings?

Now it’s Mitsubishi in hot water over manipulating test data in cars.It affects 625,000 kei cars, or minicars, built by Mitsubishi and sold mostly in Japan by Mitsubishi and Nissan. read more

Volkswagen may settle with TDI diesel owners for $5,000; Audi developed emissions cheating software in 1999

As the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal has progressed, one enduring question has been how much the corporate executives knew, who authorized the adoption of the cheating technology, and when and how it was developed.According to Reuters, it was this technology that VW relied on when it realized it couldn’t bring auto emissions under control through other means. read more

The media has no idea what kind of deal VW will announce tomorrow

In that story, we noted that early rumors pointed to a $5,000 cash offer for VW owners, a payout that would total some $2.That rumor came to us courtesy of Reuters, who has also just reported that Volkswagen will actually offer to buy back nearly 500,000 US cars. read more

Volkswagen will provide payments, buyout offers to 480,000 diesel customers

Under the terms of the agreement, VW will offer to buy back 480,000 vehicles 2.0-liter diesel vehicles whose engines emit far more pollution than is allowable under US law. read more

Volkswagen makes it official—it’s buying back 500,000 2.0L diesels

In San Francisco this morning, US District Judge Charles Breyer said Volkswagen Group would buy back nearly 500,000 2.At today's hearing, Breyer said VW Group would also be required to set up an environmental fund to invest in green technology. read more